Committing genocide on the Oromo people was the key outcome of the last three months

Anti-Qerroo Movement

Dr. Birhanemeskel A. Segni: There is a clear indication that the idea of committing genocide on the Oromo people was the key outcome of the last three months TPLF  Executive Committee meetings in Mekele, Tigray. 


There is a clear indication that the idea of committing genocide on the Oromo people was the key outcome of the last  three months TPLF  Executive Committee meetings in Mekele, Tigray. 

Photo: The TPLF Propagandist Alula

As soon as  the TPLF federal police representative, Mr.Assefa Bayu, announced about the establishment of a Joint  Genocide Task Force  composed of the Federal Police, the TPLF intelligence and the so called Ethiopian military to eliminate the youth segment of the Oromo population (the Qeerrooo in Afaan Oromo), the entire Tigre social media activists over followed with joy and heralded the news around the world. No one is left out including Daniel Berhane and Alula Solomon, the two prominent Tigrean social media activists.
Alula Solomon, a United States based Tigrean social media activist and active member of North America Tigrean Community associations, was quick to designate the Oromo youth as “Al Shabab”, the name of the Somali terror group linked with global terror chain the TPLF is using to milk the West for the last 17 years.
Alula’s statement is not his personal statement alone. He is widely known in airing TPLF decisions and policy views and covering up TPLF crimes. He is the US counterpart of Daniel Berhane who does the same job from Ethiopia.
Alula’s objectives in trying to brand the youth segment of the Oromo population, i.e, those between the ages of 16 and 32, as Al Shabab terrorists that need to be eliminated has at least five clearly marked  goals.
1st,  Alula and TPLF knows that designating the youth segment of thevOromo society as Al Shabab, a familiar name of an internationally known and Al Queda linked terror group in Somalia,  will earn the TPLF a friend and a support  from the West to commit genocide on the Oromo people.
2nd, Even if Alula and his Genocidal cohorts fail to brand the Oromo youth with the Al Queda linked group, they hope to tarnish the revolutionary, democratic and progressive idealism associated with the Oromo youth, the Qeerrooo, who remain the vanguard of the #OromoProtests and #AmharaResistance over the last three years.
3rd, In branding the Oromo youth as Al Shabab, the TPLF and the Tigrean activists will enable the Tigrean dominated Federal police, national intelligence, and military to get the legal cover to execute the planned genocide against the Oromo people in the name of law enforcement and keeping the peace and security of Ethiopia.
4th, Alula, and the TPLF know the backbone of the progressive forces in Ethiopia led by President Lemma Megersa of Oromia and President Gedu Andargachew of Amhara Regional States are the Oromo youth, the Qeerrooo. Attacking Qeerrooo or tarnishing the progressive and democratic idealism for change associated with the name Qeerrooo by branding it as the name of globally known terror group will be the best way to incapacitate and attack Lemma and Gedu and all the progressive forces in Ethiopia.
5th, If the past behaviors of the TPLF is any indication, the Ethiopian people and the World should wait to see major TPLF terror attack taking place in Ethiopia by the TPLF security operatives and blaming and accusing the Oromo youth of it. Just wait and see!
Alula’s post as key TPLF operative and the announcement by the Genocidal Task Force leader, Mr. Assefa Bayu, are meant to serve the above purposes and much more as the details of the genocidal project against the Oromo people unfolds.


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