We are in the truck to freedom

Amidst all of that, Oromo activists hold that the chaos is championed by a federal police unit known as the ‘Liyu Police.’ Activists aver that the unit is stoking the violence with the aim of giving the Oromia region – one of the biggest and most populous in the country – a bad name.

“We believe Ethiopia’s future as a strong, prosperous, and democratic nation depends on open and inclusive political dialogue for all Ethiopians, greater government transparency, and strengthening the institutions of democracy and justice. These recent events underscore the need to make more rapid and concrete progress on reform in these areas.” the release concluded.

Our long-term vision and desire to create a broader united front that ultimately leads to a strong united Oromia have materialized with this initial step. With this initial step, the following first political entities have completed the preconditions to merge their peoples Oromo with Amhara, and have vowed to pay all the necessary sacrifices that the struggle requires to make Ethiopia people masters of their destiny.


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